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What our clients say:
Carol A, Devon
Waking up the morning after I had put this quilt on my bed, I felt I was in a field of cornflowers. TThese quilts can be vibrant or subtle, but they all have several things in common. Their quality is exceptional, the price is modest and delivery is very prompt. Over the years I have bought several in different sizes and been delighted each time. I would never go anywhere else for quilts of this quality and choice. They can be used in winter for additional warmth but in summer we use just the quilt. It enhances my bedroom and uplifts me.
Frances, London

I have just purchased a double king-size quilt from you and want to say how delighted I am with it - it could not be more attractive or fit for purpose.


Received my third quilt today. Fantastic personal service. The detail is exquisite. The quilts are soft and of the highest quality. I own a quillow also which is unique and so snuggly on chilly nights. The workmanship and quality of these quilts is divine and all work done by local tradespeople in India. If you don't own one of these quilts, then purchase one now. You won't regret it. I am currently slowly buying for friends and family and they can even be sent abroad for a very reasonable price.


I must review my new quilts having replaced my 2 originals after years of use. I was reluctant to part with the old ones as there was so much lovely material left in them but I have sent them to be up-cycled into bags so the beautiful designs will go on in another form! I had not realised how worn out they were until I received the new ones and they sprang out of their packaging full and 'fluffy' I bought the purple flowered designs this time beautifully matching and blending with each other and with the bedroom. They are so light and springy so that even though it has gone warmer for a few nights they still feel comfortable, but I am looking forward even more to the colder nights when they will wrap around us in a cocoon of cotton and comfort! Wonderful!....I will never return to Duvets!!

Jenny S. Surrey

After my first quillow I was hooked. I now have quilts on every bed in the house and we have a large quillow to share for sitting on the sofa together. They are so soft and cosy and they seem to allow any dampness of the night's sweat to evaporate so there is no sticky skin feeling in the morning. We use multiple layers to get the warmth/cool factor we need for the climate conditions. The days of sleeping under duvets have disappeared. My husband (who was a quilt sceptic) loves his single so much he took it to Malaysia with him on a business trip. He had the best sleep he has ever had on an aeroplane and it was fantastic in the hotel. Since being "hugged" by our quilts we are sleeping better than we have ever slept before. It is as though there is an element of India's spirit sewn into every quilt, certainly the patterns and colours are evocative of a heavenly paradise. I cannot recommend them highly enough and every person should have one. Who says 'comfort blankets' are just for babies? I wish I could buy them for everyone I know.


We love the soft fabric of the quillow it is so soft and 'cuddly'. It is lovely to have a quilt wrapped in a handy cushion cover. Our quillow lives on our sofa and the quilt comes out, when we want get warm on a cold morning or evening. It is just big enough for me and my 3 and 6 year old to all snuggle under together. Thank you.

Judy S.

I have just bought my second quilt from Natural Quilts and I love it. Having bought one at a craft fair I ordered this one online and it arrived in two days. Fantastic service! I confess I did look at other sites, but came back here as I just couldn't find anything else that was so lovely. The price is fantastic and the quilts are not only beautiful, but are ethically produced.Thank you once again from a very happy customer!

Pam Thorpe, Herts.

We have bought Natural Quilts for all the family- such beautiful workmanship, warm glowing colours and softness. It is wonderful to know they are ethically made and use vegetable dyes.

Jill B, Australia

My quilt arrived today and I love it so much. I actually bought it to go at the foot of my queen size bed folded. It's a great size for that purpose and drapes beautifully. I want to thank you very much for the amazing service you have given me in dispatching my quilt so quickly. Some retailers here in Australia could learn a lot from you!

M. Sidney, Devon

Beautiful Quilts and excellent service. I will definitely buy more. Ideal gifts for family and friends.

A Watkinson, Suffolk

My quilt arrived today and I just love it! The colours are really vibrant and the quality of the whole quilt exceeded my expectations. I am very happy with my order.

Katherine J.

What can I say I received both my Quillows today and I can't express how happy I am with them. Tthey are worth every penny, they are so soft and easy to fold away. Such a good size. I already have a quillow that's half the size, not as thick and cost the same! Delivery was quick only 4 days! That's including the day I placed the order. I have already told all my friends and shall definitely recommend you!

Chrystabell, Sussex

These beautiful soft natural quilts wrap around the body and give warmth without the heavy "dragging" feeling that a duvet sometimes gives. I now have 2 quilts and 2 quillows and my husband and I have found these so much more comfortable than the duvet that constantly slipped off the bed! You can both be under the same cover or each wrap your own around you for sleeping! Even through this very cold winter we have been extremely cosy with a single quilt and a quillow each. As the weather warms we have the option of lighter levels. They are ALL ROUND the YEAR covers for every bed and so easy to store in small space!

Rowena, Ruislip

We received the gorgeous quilts yesterday, they arrived wonderfully packaged and we had loads of fun unwrapping them all together. They are absolutely beautiful, and so so soft, just dreamy.As they were going straight in the wash (actually they did not look like they needed it but creature of habit I have to wash everything new that comes in the house). They washed beautifully and dried much quicker than I expected, ready to get all snuggled up tonight.

Jon M.

Thank you so much. Mrs M very impressed, the best present she's had in a long while, the dogs love it too. May need to get a bigger size for me to feel any benefits though...

Chrystabell, Sussex

I have just purchased the Double Kingsize Purple Tulip quilt to use as a bed cover in my room that is painted in purple and lilac colours. One side has a creamy white back-ground to the purple tulips scattered all over it, but the reverse side, without my specs, was a very pale green. I put my glasses on and was absolutely delighted with the delicate filigreed pattern of pale green flowers and leaves trailing all over it. In bold contrast the foreground has the purple tulips standing against this delicate 'woodland' and the top and bottom are bordered with the contrasting green and purple. No online picture could have prepared me for the beauty of this creation! And in every fold it seems to bring something of the gentle hands that have so lovingly created it.

Adam Hedley M.D. of Ecocos

We are delighted with the quality and texture of the two quilts we recently bought. They are extremely soft, beautifully made, and the service we received was fantastic. Highly recommended. Many thanks.

Wendy, The Old School B&B

The quilts arrived today and they are absolutely stunning….I can’t wait to get them onto the beds for our guests to enjoy.


Last November I bought a quillow for each of my 2 nieces, then aged 4 and 7, as Christmas presents. They adore them; they are used almost every day for snuggling up on the sofa and games, they take them on longer car journeys and on all their holidays and weekends away. It is such a joy to give a present that is so loved and well used. Now I'm looking to buy one for ourselves.

Mary K.

Thank you for sending the quilt, it has transformed my bedroom bringing a burst of sunshine into the room. And feels so soft and warm.