How to choose the right quilting design for your Quilt?

How to choose the right quilting design for your Quilt?

Are you bored with using the same quilt?

Looking for new designs to get over the boredom?

You might be overwhelmed with the number of design options available online or, even worse, with no design at all in your mind. To ease your situation, we’ve prepared a guide that will help you in deciding the right design for your new quilt. 

Choose a style

When buying a new quilt, the design has a significant impact on what you end up paying. The first decision you’ve to make is whether you want an all-over design on the quilt or something different in each area. Also, you need to make sure whether you want a simple design or contemporary look or a more traditional style. 

Choose a method

One of the biggest decisions you need to make is whether you want hand-made quilts or machine-made quilts. You can see a huge variety of hand-made quilts as well as machine-made quilts in the offline and online stores. Both of them are special in their own way, the choice is yours which one you want to buy. 

Hand Quilting

Sewing the quilt by hand provides a wonderful soft finish that is difficult to be achieved by machines. Nothing can beat the essence ofsewing a quilt with needle and thread. Making the quilt in the traditional way is very much loved and appreciated in today’s modern world. Many quilters agreed that they prefer sewing by hand as it provides them enjoyment and satisfaction of the project more than its appearance. They enjoy the quilting process more than getting to the final product. According to traditional craftsperson, sewing quilt is highly-calming, relaxing and almost therapeutic. 

Machine Quilting

Modern sewing machines offer a variety of features which makes quilting easy and produces the professional-looking final product. Some machines combine embroidery with quilting features, leaving the pieces more tightly sewn giving them a neat finished appearance. If you’re looking for a machine-made quilt, you may get a wide array of design options to choose from. 

Quilts from Natural Quilts are made using environment-friendly hand block printing and natural dyes, made by the people at their homes, not in the factory. 

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Decide your budget

The design of quilt you choose varies in cost. So first decide your budget before selecting the right design for your quilt. 

Who will be using the quilt?

We recommend you to choose the design as per its end user. If you’re planning to buy for baby bedding, choose designs that pamper a baby. Natural Quilts offers handmade baby bedding quilts that are soft, machine washable, cozy and made with 100% cotton fabric. They provide the highest quality of children’s bedding and each quilt is made keeping the comfort and well-being of children in mind. We offer a huge collection of the finest hand-made baby bedding to choose from. Keeping children’s comfort and design preferences in mind, Natural Quilts offer the below design patterns. 

Quilt Designs for Baby bedding

  • Turquoise Boats
  • Helicopter
  • Car Quilt
  • Penguin Quilt
  • Ferns and Fishes
  • Planes
  • Butterflies, etc.

As per the customer reviews and feedbacks, these designs are loved by the children. Each and every design is exclusive and worth treasuring. These quilts are also perfect to gift on Baby Showers, Birthdays and Christmas. To check our baby bedding collection, please click here

Quilts for teen Beds

Quilts have the power to transform the whole room. For teenage bedding, we recommend you to choose designs that express their personality in a fun and unique way.

Natural Quilts offer high-quality funky-bright designs that have the power to create a brilliant bedroom as per the personality of any teenager. We offer the below quilts for teenager bedding;

  • Jade Garden
  • Parrots
  • Tudor Blooms
  • Rose Garden
  • Indigo Paisley, etc.

 We’ve quilts as per the bed size too. You can find a exquisite collection of single bed, double king size, super king size quilts on our website. Our quilts give a personal touch to your bedroom. Each and every design, be it Shalimar, Rose garden, Sunflowers would be a perfect choice for a wonderfully personalized bedroom. The traditional craftspeople pour their creativity and years of experience in producing environmently friendly, beautiful, soft, cozy and comfortable quilts. 

There is no right or wrong design. Choose the one which appeals to you, complements the bedroom and enhances the beauty of your home.